False Evidence Appearing Real


Imagine what speaking with confidence will look like, what's preventing you from living it?


This Program is for you!


Do you you have to do presentations for your job?

Are you looking to train a group?

Do you work in the following industries: healthcare, automotive, insurance, network marketing, sales, facilitation, HR, industrial management?

changes lives!

The Agenda Overview
Week 1: what is public speaking, and why should you be here?
Objective: understand the fundamentals of speaking, and goal setting
Week 2: The 3-Point Speech Writing Formula
Objective: write an amazing speech on any subject (even the icebreaker)
Week 3: inspirational storytelling
Objective: learn how to move people
Week 4: The Top 10 List
Objective: share loads of facts
Week 5: comedy
Objective: write a bit
Week 6: long Story Longer
Objective: keep the audiences attention
Week 7: evaluations
Objective: the best way to be a better speaker is to watch yourself on video. The second best way is to evaluate speakers.
Week 8: impromptu speaking
Objective: this is where the fun begins
Week 9: emceeing
Objective: Emcee any event
Week 10: anchoring techniques
Objective: have you ever heard of a mic drop?
Week 11: the acceptance speech
Objective: students learn how to thank others with style.
Week 12: demonstration meeting
Objective: invite guests and inspire them like crazy

This 12 week Program


Damn, I'll

to That

Learn. Dream. Dominate.

Public Speaking


Get ready

**disclaimer: every group is unique, and the program varies slightly to reflect the needs of each individual group

Group size: 10 participants MAX

Duration: 1.5 hour session once per week for 12 weeks.

Objective: overcome any fear of public speaking, develop better relationships, and get inspired!!!!!!!



What you will learn:

  • Stage Presence
  • Clarity, volume, and projectionBody language and facial expression
  • Confident presentation and communication skills
  • Organize ideas with creativity and clarity
  • Learn speech and story structure
  • Build self-confidence
  • Develop creativity
  • Master essential performance techniques


Going to cost?

Remember, the benefits outweigh the costs. Supreme confidence building, maximum energy mastering, and incredible inspiration gathering.


But you have questions


Like, is there a money back guarantee?

Once the program starts... no.

However, if we can't work together then I want to give your money back. I want you to be happy either way.


Who supplies the venue?

If you don't have a venue then we can find a venue in any neighbourhood.  


Is there a program I can join if I'm solo?

YES, scroll down to contact me.

**Update: I've been asked if I have a program for healthcare professionals? Yes, contact me below! 

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You've made an excellent decision. I'm excited to work with you and your organization!


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