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Who is Devin Bisanz Anyway?

I give speakers massive confidence.

I married my best friend. 

I love hanging out with my 3-year old. 

Devin Bisanz Public Speaking


I laid dead for 40 seconds during a motorcycle crash and had a crazy out of body experience.

For the next five years I told doctors I felt one half invincible, and one half scared of opening my eyes. 

The invincible side: bought a house, got a degree, played extreme sports, started businesses and all kinds of cool stuff. 

The scared side: heavy drug user. I bankrupted four startups before pouring the last of my credit into a crypto mining operation. When the market crashed in 2017, so did the company.

That's when I had the most extreme negative feelings in my life. WTF was I doing? I owed a lot just on interest payments.

One day, a Canada Post Van drove by my condo and on the side it said, "Now Hiring."

I was like, do I apply for that job? There's nothing wrong with the work, but I'm an all or nothing guy. I wrote a resume of my accomplishments and I had solid results training public speakers.  

I took my resume and sent it to a prospect I found on Indeed. The prospect said, "You have an hour to give your presentation to our group, and if it goes well we'll sign a contract.  

I closed that deal, and have been closing deals and changing lives ever since. 

I've trained youth speakers, corporate speakers, entrepreneurs, non profit speakers, and TedX speakers. I've organized events, competitions, and now I'm a part of CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers). 

I'm fired up, I want to speak to entrepreneurs and professionals, (young and old). I have enough information and energy to feed a billion appetites.

Talk of the town toastmasters

What's Next?

The thing that keeps me going is that I don't want to live a "normal existence," do you?

I'm guessing not if you're reading this. 

There's a powerful quote by Dr. Suess, "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?"

I was born to stand out, were you?

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