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baby brain

Your Key To Success: Baby Brain

Devin Bisanz, November 15 2018

Every baby momma apparently get's a disease called Baby Brain. I didn't believe it. Then my pregnant wife, Jody Lea was awake past 11pm, and I was hungry. I said, "Can we order a pizza?" "Yes." I was shocked; for the last two years Jody Lea only ate artisan pizza from places that closed at 10pm. "From where?" she said.

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Mountain Top Wedding BC.

Devin Bisanz, November 4 2018

"Hi, my name is Ryan," said the helicopter pilot. "Hiiii," Jody Lea and I rejoiced. Unless that bird fell out of the sky, our relationship 'what ifs' were behind us. Two minutes later we boarded the helicopter and lifted like a Ferris wheel. From the sky we admired blueberry farms and learned about the owners. We toured a high altitude waterfall, c...

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Writing Tips

Discovering Your "Why" Through Writing.

Devin Bisanz, October 28 2018

Hello and welcome, Would you like to be an amazing writer for the rest of your life? Good, because that is exactly what happens to writers who read this blog. You should always feel amazing. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.

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How To Be A Funny Public Speaker Without Telling A Joke.

Devin Bisanz, October 20 2018

The number one rule of comedyistiming. Hmmm, it looks like timing is the number one rule of writing. Of course, if you're looking to be funnier then you are of rare breed. In the following video, Jerry Seinfeld says, "You think people are going to be interested in this (how to tell a joke). But they're not. Then Jerry sits with two yellow-lined pap...

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Toastmasters Pathways, Is It For You?

Devin Bisanz, October 19 2018

For the last eight years I've attended Talk of The Town Toastmasters, noon hour club. If you don't know, Toastmasters International is a public speaking community boasting over 300,000 paying members. I joined toastmasters to learn the art of public speaking/persuasion/sales, and after eight years I'm still trying to figure out the art of public sp...

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