Devin Bisanz, January 1 2020

3 Happy New Year Wishes

The season of christmas cards is over, and thanks to Instagram I got amazing cards from celebrities like Denise Richards:

Well done!

I wanted to do a Christmas card. I have a family I enjoy, why not promote it? I deserve success. You deserve success. We all need a little peace, love, and hope. Although, I prefer peace, love, and take massive action. Peace, love, and infinite success. Peace, love, and today you are great, tomorrow you'll be even better. 

That sums up my 3 new year wishes to you:

Wish 1: I wish that this year you take massive action. Loosen any negative thought strings and let them float away. You need room for opportunity. Opportunity that you are going to act upon!

Wish 2: I wish you infinite success. You deserve success, and if you don't deserve success or don't need anymore success then send it my way. To me, success is happiness. If you are happy then success is abundant. If you are not happy then lucky you, you have an obvious goal because you want to be happy, right? 

Wish 3:  I know that today you are great... BUT... I wish that tomorrow you're even greater! Prosperity shall rain upon you; money, love, and (insert your wish list here). 

Now, a little holiday humour

A charity worker learned that there was a rich man who had never donated anything. He went to the rich man's office and tried to convince him to give to charity.

The rich man folded his arms and replied angrily, "Did you know my sister's husband passed away suddenly? And left behind 4 children for her to raise by herself?"

The charity worker was surprised, "Oh, I didn't know that."

The rich man continued, "Did you know my brother is addicted to gambling, and he is deeply indebted with the loan sharks? They say they'll kill him unless he pays up!"

The charity worker began to regret coming here. "I'm sorry, I wasn't aware of any of this."

"And did you know my mother is very sick? She has been in hospital for many years and her medical bills are huge!"

By now the charity worker was filled with shame. "I'm very sorry to hear that, please accept my humble apologies."

The rich man leaned back in his chair. "My family has so much trouble, but I don't give them a single cent. Why would I donate anything to you?"

Closing remarks

I never sent out christmas cards, but if I did then this is what they would look like:

2020 is going to be the best year ever! I can feel it in my bones. #thinkhappythoughts #takemassiveaction #havefun


Devin Bisanz 

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Devin Bisanz

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