Devin Bisanz, August 31 2019

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I had a wonderful summer training effective speakers. I cried listening to speeches, laughed so hard I snorted, and watched magic. That's not a metaphor, we had a magician in the mix. We had tonnes of fun! 

Now, as the summer winds down I see no reason not to monetize this rapidly growing industry! 

Monetization: In economic terms, monetize means to convert any event, object or transaction into a form of currency or something with transferable value.

The ol monetization itch caught me when my brother-in-law told me to watch a youtuber called whiteboard finances. The youtuber stands by a whiteboard and talks about finances. I was like hmmmmmmm, that's exactly how I train public speakers. Why not start a youtube channel and give my program away for free!

Sounds dumb.

But youtubers make money. That's why I have to think. A youtube channel is a good idea  but let's start simple, update the socials and spend some time collecting Google reviews. #goals 

The bottom line is that the speaker training industry is a wealth building industry that I want to be at the top of. How can that not be exciting?

Never give up on your dreams. 

One thing I've learned about training is that adults have high expectations of themselves, and kids have parents with high expectations. I once got reprimanded by a mom when I sent her a video after a 6th training session with her son, and she thought her son had bad body language. She expected more. 

I told her, "Have patience, wait until our 12th session! I delivered speeches every day for four years before I got good at it." 

I've seen speakers take 10 years to get really good at speaking. To me, a really good speaker is someone who can fill any speaking role at any time. A great speaker can tell a series of jokes, motivate any audience, or emcee any event. 

Like speakers and parents I have high expectations. I expect all speakers to develop top quality speeches in 15 minutes or less!! 

That's insane! 

I used to know Toastmasters who needed two weeks to prepare a 5-7 minute speech. Some people will never speak up because they'll never have the right words to say... yet I train speakers to write impactful speeches in 15 minutes or less.  

I'll prove it to you in the following video. The presenter, Tandle Huang used a template to prepare this Inspirational Story in 15 minutes. If we had more time I would have helped Tandle use this video to write a second draft. The second draft would be mind blowing. The third draft would be even better. Watching yourself speak on video is hands down the best evaluation tool on the planet. Thank-you Tandle for letting me use this.

** you may have to turn up the video quality.

To sum this post up: anybody can learn to be an effective public speaker. In fact, I'll show you how to win audiences over before saying a word. I call it the SEE factor. You stand in front of the audience and you do 3 things:

           Smile- to create a mirrored image

           Eye contact- to build trust

           Energy- to show the audience that you are in control

The SEE factor is the second lesson I teach in my public speaking program. The third lesson is about the 3- point speech formula.  I'm going to publish that blog next. 

Very Best,

Devin Bisanz


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Devin Bisanz

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