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Guerrilla Marketing Strategies For Beginners

We are in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic, and the main thing on peoples mind is how much toilet paper do we need?

But look on the bright side; gas is cheap!

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If you are thinking about starting a business, or if you have a small business that you want to scale, then you might be interested in the book 'The Best Of Guerrilla Marketing' by Jay Conrad Levinson. I'm only 10 chapters into the audio book on Scribd but here are a few tips for beginner guerrilla marketers:

1. Stack your marketing efforts
2. Marketing is the patience business
3. Location, location, location = internet

Guerrilla Marketing tip 1: stack your marketing efforts. 

In the book Jay said, "Brochures don't work." 

I was like, "Oops!!!" Because I printed out 2000 brochures for my business. 

Luckily, Jay finished the sentence, "On their own!" 

I was back in the game so I went door-to-door and slipped about 100 brochures into mailboxes. Approaching the first 10 doors was a little nerve-wracking but with each door the fear got less and less. I struck up a few conversations along the way and met an interesting leadership coach. Who knows, one day we might do business together! I thought nothing would happen but I'm watching my website stats at 8pm and I'm seeing 9 realtime users on my website, when normally I would just see 0. Nobody has called, texted, or emailed but I have 1,500 more brochures to go!  

Here is what I'm currently doing to stack my marketing efforts:

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 Guerrilla marketing tips 2: marketing is not the miracle business, it's the patience business. 

Get your website, get your brochures, get your social media on, but don't expect clients right away. 

I want immediate gratification! Unfortunately, it apparently doesn't happen like that; for example, I already have a long list of clients who have spoken at weddings and funerals. One of my clients almost didn't do a speech at a funeral because he was too scared. I told him he had to do it. He did, and afterward he was glowing because everybody said he was the best speaker! He was funny, and he made the funeral party feel better. He was so proud of himself, as he should be. 

Here is a pro tip if you ever have to do a speech: keep it short and simple. If you're the father-in-law at a wedding and you think you're a great speaker and you have one hundred stories to tell- DON'T. Tell 3 stories max, and stick to the point. The audience will thank you for it.  No wedding speech should go over 5-7 minutes. 7 minutes is pushing it in most cases. 

Take the public speaking self assessment test here!

Having so many of my clients speak at weddings and funerals made me think, perhaps I should reach out to wedding planners and see if they collaborate with speaking trainers. If I could work with one or two wedding companies then I could lock in a steady supply of work! I got to work and reached out to a number of wedding planners. That was Sunday, I thought I'm going to be swamped with work by Tuesday. Then Tuesday rolled around and I hadn't heard back from one company! On Wednesday one company got back to me with a rejection letter. 

My wife said, "All event's are off right now. Brides have been planning their weddings for a year, and wedding planners are probably swamped right now. They probably have hundreds of emails from brides!"

On the bright side, I've been reading this book chapter by chapter and marketing is not the miracle business, it is the patience business!!! 

Guerrilla Marketing tip 3: location, location, location = internet. 

This one I can do. I've got Google reviews rolling in, my website is functional, I have social media and I can blog my face off. Anybody can, you can run an online business for $100/year. You also have access to an endless supply of potential clients online. 

The bottom line is that the simplest Guerrilla marketing strategy for beginner coaches/trainers/speakers/small business owners is to be present online, take action with multiple marketing avenues, and to stack your marketing efforts. I suggest getting brochures made up and delivering them yourself to build the confidence it takes to keep moving forward.  

Fair enough? 

Excellent, now I have 37 more chapters to listen to and take action on. Until next time- keep fit and have fun doing it! 


Devin Bisanz

P.S. Looking for speech writing tips? Well, this blog is written like a speech. You can find out what I mean by reading The 3-point speech formula 


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Devin Bisanz

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