Devin Bisanz, October 18 2019

Hook, Line, and Anchor- the final phase of speechwriting.

Over the last few weeks I've kept an impressive consistency in blogging.  One blog per week and it all started August 31st when I posted

Over the last couple months we broke down important aspects of speech writing. AND, in case you missed it, I slammed all the blog posts into ONE easy to read manual. PLUS, there is one more tidbit I saved especially for my Ebook:

Anchoring Techniques

In the book we talk about vocal, spatial, and physical anchoring techniques used by the pros. I'm not giving this information away on my blog, but you can read about it on page 36 of my Ebook! 

This book is so fresh the cover isn't even made yet. 

Wedding speeches, funeral speeches, Toastmaster speeches, school speeches, and more

This book covers the essentials of speech writing. The book includes plug and play templates that can make an amateur speaker sound like an absolute pro! Pro speakers alert - there are tips that can benefit every level of speaker.

Make People Laugh

On page 17 there is a joke template that dates to the caveman days. Any guesses as to what it might be? 

Inspire Others

Page 21 boasts the exact template all motivational speakers use to move audiences into action.

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