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Master of Ceremonies Tips and Tricks

Master of Ceremonies, Emcee, or Chairperson: 

Responsible for: 

Announcements, opening remarks, introducing speakers, smooth transitions between speakers, setting the tone for the meeting, leading the audience applause between speakers, and announcements.

Opening remarks for Master of Ceremonies template:

— Your first and last name (yes, both)

— Your official title in the organisation sponsoring the even

— Some sense of why you are excited to be the emcee (in a few sentences) Relate it to the theme.

Keep introductions short, tell them who you are, then tell a short story related to the theme, a lesson, a joke is always nice.

Introducing speakers: use first and last names 

In the professional speaking world speakers send you an introduction which means your job is easy!!!

When you are not dealing with the pro's go head and find out a few facts about each speaker that you can use to introduce them. 

Example: when asked what her favourite comedian was, Kimberly replied, “Devin Bisanz!”

Get the speakers speech title.

Example Intro: I am pleased to announce our next speaker, Doug Henderson... Doug likes public speaking, fast cars, and going home to his beautiful family every night for dinner. Isn't that adorable? Doug's speech title is _________________. Let us give a warm welcome for Doug.

Leading the audiences applause between speakers: 

When the speaker is done the emcee starts clapping first! When announcing the next speaker the emcee say’s something like, “Please give a round of applause for our next speaker!” Then, the emcee leads the applause. Once the audience is clapping, the emcee greets the speaker with a hand shake and a smile. 

Smooth transitions between speakers:

Great emcees make insightful comments about the previous speaker. You can mention a point that really stood out, an expression that you loved, or a 2 sentence story the speaker reminded you of. Then, start introducing the next speaker. 

Example: I loved that tip (name) shared. When you are about to explode count... one, two, three. Those three seconds can change your life. So true. Now, I’m excited to introduce our next speaker, (name). Name has a unique talent with magic. When asked who his favourite magician is? (name) said, “Myself!” (start laughing). All jokes aside, we are about to hear a speech titled, A Lesson In The Hands. Please help me welcome name! Start clapping.    

After the speaker hands back the podium the emcee leads the clap, shakes the speakers hand, and I like to whisper a thanks to the speaker. Then say, “Thank you so much (speakers name). Training the right brain and left brain is equally as challenging. 

Next, we have a young man who’s done so much in so little time, its kinda hard to exaggerate his accomplishments- but i’ll do my best! 

Here are a few more transitional lines:

Next, we have a young man who’s done so much in so little time, its kinda hard to exaggerate his accomplishments- but i’ll do my best!

Next, we have a young man/woman who is excited to get up here! Please help me welcome our next speaker (speakers name) and his speech title (insert speech title here). 

Ladies and gentlemen, and those of you trying to be. Wasn’t that a wonderful speech (speakers name) performed? 

Thank you for those wise/funny/witty words! Next up, we have a speaker who likes (blank), (blank), and blank.

I’d like to introduce a man with a lot of charm, talent, and wit. Unfortunately, he couldn’t be here tonight, so instead . . .

It never ceases to amaze me …

Who amongst us has not …

You know, coming here tonight my (husband)(wife) said... whatever you do don’t try to be too charming, witty or intellectual…just be yourself. 

It’s funny, as I was walking up here I was thinking that we all have a lot in common today. None of us know what I’m going to say!? 

Let me just say this, the electricity in the room is about to change for the better, help me welcome __________, and his speech title:_______    

Greetings & Welcome: 

Good morning,

Good afternoon,

Good evening,

Dear Friends,

Dear Customers,

Dear Members,

Dear Delegates,

Ladies and Gentlemen ...

Welcome to the …

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the …

You are about to …

Come with us …

Get ready to enjoy …

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the …

Let me begin by giving you a warm welcome to the…

Thank you so much for being here …

Opening Questions:

Wouldn’t you like to …?

Are you ready for …?

Don’t you wish …?

Are you interested in …?

Will you be ready for …?

Isn’t it time you…?

Opening Grabbers:

It’s not every day that …

You’ve probably noticed that …

Think about this …

Believe it or not …

It’s never too late to …

First of all …

Challenge the Audience:

Do something extraordinary!

Delve into …

Sample the …

If you think you’re good enough …

If you’re seriously interested in …

Introduction of Speakers: 

Mr/Mrs … the floor is yours.

Would you please welcome...

Would you please join me in welcoming ...

It is my pleasure to welcome …

To show us how to …

It’s an absolute honour to bring to the stage …

To get some of his insights into the topic...

At last...

Now for the first time...

You’ll love …

Sit back and enjoy... 





Phenomenally successful



Proven techniques

Carefully tested



All this and more!

If questions like these intrigue you …

And that’s not all

And there’s more

Last but not least

Now there’s an even better way

You’ll be glad to know that…

And we don’t stop there …

And that was only the beginning

And if that wasn’t enough …

Now that, was only part of the story

We have a very special guest …

To show you what we mean

Now for the surprise

Thanking Speaker

We know you are a busy person

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule

Thanks for sharing with us

Thank you for the insights

Plenty of food for thought

Your thought provoking


The truth about

Your frank discussion



Your valuable insights

Closing Words

I thank you for coming …

We hope that the programme …

Have a nice day

Have a great weekend

We look forward to seeing you at next years event

Hope you will travel safely home

Hope you will put into practice the lessons from this event

There’s no point in coming to an event like this unless you do something with the lessons

We hope you achieved what you came here to achieve

We hope you met some interesting people








The One & Only


Packed with

Bucket loads of Information

A wealth of …


Chock full of

Loaded with



Long awaited

Long overdue

It’s finally here

Just when you thought …

At last there’s

Written by

Devin Bisanz

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