Devin Bisanz, March 9 2019

Public Speaking Training- The Next Step

December 15, 2018. My Distinguished Toastmaster Plaque arrived in the mail. 

The plaque reads:
Distinguished Toastmaster.
Recognition is given to Devin Bisanz by Toastmasters International for outstanding accomplishments and leadership excellence in pursuit of the mission of Toastmasters International.
The engraved signatures of the International President, and CEO of Toastmasters international are on the plaque.

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I joined Toastmasters because of the international speaking competition. A Canadian hasn't won the international speaking competition since 1985. I will win it, but I stopped competing when I got sucked into the leadership program. And I know what you're thinking.

Leadership--- bah humbug. Nobody wants to be a leader

A good Toastmaster leader logs 10-20 hours per week working for Toastmasters. During speech competitions, and conferences that number can triple. I co-emceed the Toastmasters 2016 fall conference; a three-day event timed down to the minute. A lot of time and effort goes into that event... and I still had to PAY for my conference ticket!!!

Toastmasters- you pay to play!

I did not join Toastmasters to be Distinguished, but holding that plaque feels soooo goooooooood. I carried the plaque around the house for two weeks. "Honey," I bragged, "Have you seen my award?!?"

"Only 200 times today!"

I wasn't landing good freelance writing jobs so I searched Public Speaking Jobs. There was one, I applied, boom, got it.

The kids liked me, go figure

I began developing a 36-week youth speakers training program with a showcase for parents every 12 weeks. If you, or anybody you know has 10-17 year olds, it's time to start thinking about their personal development. You need a trainer, I'm your guy, spread the word.  

I've now graduated two beginner speaker classes, and some of the kids parents don't speak English. At the first graduation party I said, "Do we need a translator?"

The school director said, "No. Parents just want to take a video of their kid doing a speech in English!"

It's true, the parents were happy to see their kids doing speeches without notes. Students performed 2 minute talks on subjects of the week, a prepared speech, and an interview style Q&A. I was impressed.

January 1st, 2019

Jody Lea and I started a personal development program by Holosync Technologies. The program is simple, you get up an hour early, put on headphones, and go back to sleep. You hear the sounds of bells, and rain, but underneath the rain there are tones that open new neural pathways in your brain. It sounds strange, and in the first month I got an armpit rash, my knee almost fell off, a knot paralyzed my shoulder, and I was having extreme bouts of negativity followed by extreme euphoria. My fine lady did not get off easy, she had bouts of exxxxtreme anger and also physical pain.

One Tuesday evening, Jody and I were at our hypno-birthing course with As I Breathe Hypnosis. Our trainer, Karen (wonderful lady) mentioned a book called The Emotion Code, by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

Jody Lea ordered the book because we needed therapy to help us with our  therapy!

Jody Lea read book but I just did what the doctor suggests in the following movie--- for 4 different pains.

The emotional release instantly cured my knee pain, shoulder pain, and side pain. I had nightmares for one night, and then I got better and better. I felt lighter, more focused, writing is easier, training is easier, making more money is easier.

I used to make a joke to Jody Lea. I'd say, "If this (what I'm working on) doesn't pan out... I'm getting a job at Best Buy!"

I know; good benefits, days off, lucky.

For a while I thought that joke was becoming real! I always tell my young public speaking students, "The difference between you and I is that I, have lived through the experiences you have yet to face. I've lived through college, and I've had my heart broken many times. I've made money, lost money, wasted money, faced addiction, paid for sex, faced death, and that was before I was 20. Add 18 years of more experiences like grief, anger, guilt, shame, joy, happiness, oneness, peace, being OK, and you can tell the kind of person you are by what you've attracted into your life."

We are walking into March and I've landed two more schools and started a public speaking website:

Now, I know I've been preaching brain training on my blog since September. Today is no different. 

For those of you curious enough to try it out, here is the link to a free brain exercise at Holosynce Technologies

Have a great and wonderful day,

Devin Bisanz

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Devin Bisanz

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