Devin Bisanz, January 16 2019

This Might Sound Strange, But All Things Sound Strange.

I created a “hypnosis” script for my unborn baby. 

At first, I wanted to Create a script including an induction, but then I thought, we are dealing with a fetus here. It doesn't know what the heck is going on. It’s grown from a grape to a potato to a squash. At 26 weeks it can hear voices, music, and mommas heart beat. 

No point for an induction, I jumped right into the goods. The sound of ocean, an orchestra, guitar solo, daddy’s voice, a trumpet solo, piano solo, one minute of laughing, one minute of different animals, a race car, and back to the ocean. I questioned the race car because babies fear loud noises, but pride won, the race car stayed. Momma came home and I said, “Hey, I made a special script for our little baby, can I put some headphones on your belly?”

“Should I listen first?”


“Ah I'm sure it's good. You're a good daddy.” She's so smart because kids like me. We put the headphones on her belly, and OMG, the baby was loving it. Either that or baby was scared shitless trying to kick a way out. Regardless, it was stimulating. Further study was needed. 

Over the next week I played Louise hay affirmations, brain enhancing tones, and nothing stimulated the baby get like my first script. But I’m scared to keep playing my script because I don't know…

Am I stimulating the baby, or scaring the shit out of it?!? 

Yes, momma happily said the baby loved it, but mommas eyes are glazed over these days. Suddenly momma likes pizza at midnight, chocolate for dinner, nesting, and I’m blowing up like Humpty Dumpty. I’m saying that we cannot rely on mommas leadership.

Am I scaring the baby??

Ask, and you shall receive. I got one answer from our hypnobirthing coach. Firstly, she says the baby can hear without headphones on the belly. Secondly, momma knows what baby doesn't like. That means daddy hypnosis is a green light. 

You may have heard of the old wise tale about making smart babies. The savvy mom describing every detail of the day to her womb. “And now you are hearing an airplane,” the savvy momma says while rubbing her belly. “And that's a crow. Oops and that was a little fartsy. Hehe.”

The point is that savvy moms apparently make smart babies. But is it true? We don't know. I know people who say its not true. Scientists say there has not been sufficient studies and it is inconclusive. However, it has been concluded that when you play music through the belly, the baby will recognize the song outside the belly. 

What I find strange is that I’m suddenly fearing death, failure, and that pain in my side. Awhile back, the doctor said it’s a muscle but I'm not a fan of doctors. 

For example

Doctors suggest pregnant woman take blood tests to see if babies have diseases. The test has indicators so they can put odds on your babies survival. Jody and I got a callback. OMG, we freaked out. We had to go sit down with a counselor. The counselor talked to us for over an hour about how everything was normal, BUT one of the proteins was high. Jody lea later Googled it and it's all good.

The counselor said that everything about our baby looked healthy but we qualified for an amniocentesis over this tiny protein spike that could be explained, and was explained by regarding the week the test was taken, and other factors that made sense. Now, here is the thing, they said the odds of us having a special baby shot up to a 1 in 4,000 chance.  BUT SO WHAT?!?! We're definitely not aborting  the mission for those odds, but wait, if we had that footlong needle stuck in the belly then the chance of a miscarriage rises to a 1 in 200 chance. 


The belly is growing by the day, we are attached to the thing inside the belly. We talk to the baby and the dogs every single day. We know how to give strength to our baby, we are old parents. 

The healthcare system did not stop there. They qualified us for another blood test because there was tiny something, that was nothing, and could also be explained through science, but also could be an indicator of something else that is curable, that happens to 1 in 20,000 and babies. 

Basically we decided to stick the middle finger to all further testing. 

That doesn’t mean daddy should be his own best doctor, I’m going for a physical at forty. Until then, I feel better every single day. You feel better every day. There is always something new for us to learn at no matter what age. We are surrounded by abundance. I eat abundance for breakfast. You eat abundance for breakfast. We are amazing people. 

The point is, I use hypnosis for everything, and it feels good to read even if you're lying to yourself... my health is the most important thing to me. 

My body is a temple. I will keep my temple clean
I am creating my life exactly how I want it
Positivity is a choice. I choose to be positive 

The other day my mother in law who does not believe in (understand) hypnosis, told a story that she read in her favorite magazine. A woman had a fear of flying, and she tried everything until finally trying hypnosis. Later, her husband and her were flying home and they were sitting on the plane. The wife calmly looked to her husband and said, “I want to get my pilot's license!”

The Moral of The Story

No matter what is going on in your life I promise this; positive thinking leads to positive being. 

Talk soon,

Devin Bisanz

Written by

Devin Bisanz

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