Welco‍‍‍me :)

There was a time when kids asked mom how babies were made and mom lied.

"Oh hunny," mom said, "a stork drops them off at the doorstep." And the poor kid would believe that because mommy knew everything.

Those were the days!!!

Now we have Google, and when mommy lies we prove mommy wrong, and that is bad for the mommy business.  

Leaders of today have to listen, learn, and act, or they lose.‍‍‍

About Devin

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Born in January 1981, I'm the very first model of "Millennial's."

That means I was one of the first to say, "I refuse to work without purpose. I want to do the things I love and get paid $1,000 an hour for it."

All my life people told me to 'work smarter, not harder.' Well, thanks to those great people I found a way to avoid work all together. ‍‍‍

"We are never so venerable as when we love," Sigmu‍‍‍nd Freud.

‍‍‍ Unfortunately, LOVE is my core value. I love so much that I even love angry people who hate. I love happy people who lie. And I love making others feel good.

Be Vulnerable

Be Strong

I remember when I first discovered public speaking through Toastmasters International. I called mom before important speeches and said, "Mom, I'm going to such and such event to deliver a speech."

"Are you getting paid?" She responded.


"Well don't do it for free. You should be getting paid!"

Then, after six ye‍‍‍ars I finally got to say, "YES mom, I just got paid for that event. A LOT TOO!"

Now, I love public speaking, and public speaking led me to something else I love, freelance writing. You see, I was writing long before I was public speaking, and I've been public speaking since 2010.

After thirty years of writing I've learned that EVERY SINGLE WORD is important, because we don't have time to waste, reading.

Be Open To Opportunity‍‍‍