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"Wow! Devin exceeded my expectations. We are all left feeling more confident and energized! He has a special gift and I’m so glad he’s sharing it with the world!"

Public Speaking Coach

Hello, I'm Devin Bisanz and I've been growing my brand as a public speaking trainer. One thing is for sure; I pour 112% into every session whether it be one-on-one/small group/large group.

I Turn Your Fear Into SUPER Confident Speaking.

Are you 100% confident with your presentation skills? 

Would you like to be?

Would you like your management team to be excited about bigger presentations that lead to more business? Would you like an unbeatable workplace moral?

I tell dad jokes...

Have you ever thought about how much money you are losing when you're not confident giving amazing presentations online and off?

I know I have.

I'm opening my calendar for you


  • Promote/network/sell your business by being comfortable on video and stage 

  • Monetize your expertise

  • Become an emotionally intelligent leader

  • Choose your path to speaking success

  • Find out why they call it 'The Golden Tongue'

  • You can have all of those things. 


    Don't Take My Word For It

    Trust the 70+ 5-star reviews across multiple web platforms

    "I took all the preparation and knowledge from Devin on stage! Presentation went amazing and I can’t wait for the next. I would highly recommend Devin to anyone."

    Andrei Matei
    Robbox Tools

    "I've known Devin for over 10 years and have observed him develop into an accomplished public speaker and trainer. He is dynamic, engaging, and funny. He is also remarkably candid and honest. I highly recommend his speaker training."

    Jim Mckay
    Candoo Systems Inc

    Hear From More Clients

    If everybody else is scared of public speaking then why not be different?

    What's In It For You or Your Team? 

    No more fear of speaking and new energy towards more money and excellent leadership.  

    Proven Training Exercises

    I've developed a system that can turn a speaker from having brain farts, anxiety, and even PTSD. INTO confident speaking where you have an uncontrollable urge to get on every stage and speak. That's level I. There are IV more to go. 

    Experienced Mentorship

    I'm a professional speaker with the Canadian Professional Speaking Association. I'm in this business to make a name for myself. I'm hungry to make my time so valuable that I 10X today's price.  

    My Values

    Energy, Inspiration, motivation, consistency, leadership development for current and future leaders, tactics to develop presence, new sense of purpose, wealth, health, and a good laugh.

    Theory Through Exercise

    I present theory, and then we do an exercise. This process repeats as we go deeper down the rabbit hole. This is great training for one person, or many people. Check out my speaker kit here. 

    Useful Resource

    10 Public Speaking Exercises Anybody Can Practice, Anywhere. 

    What's in the book?

  • Power poses and hand gestures- experts say body language is more important than words. Are you confident that you are always sending the right message?

  • Have you ever done a vocal warmup exercise? I have a fun one that you can do on Page 09. How about a facial gesturing exercises? Page 13.

  • You want to know the secret trick you can use to know if someone is congruent in their talk? Page 16. Want to know what your audience is feeling? Page 30.

  • Book a free call with me: Devin Bisanz

    If you like proverbs then this one might give you that extra push: the only time that exists in life is now. 

    This will be the best call you made all year!

    "Devin has one of the most unique talents I have come across! He has this amazing ability to challenge you, motivate change and inspire you to set reachable goals, in the most infectious uplifting way! I leave his sessions full of optimism, motivation and with practical techniques to enhance my speaking."

    Michelle Hardigan
    Program Facilitator/trainer for the YMCA