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Turn Public Speaking Frustration Into Speaking Passionately.

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Devin's Public Speaker Training Exercises Build Massive Confidence. 

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Public Speaking coach Vancouver Canada

Inside, You Have Hundreds of Amazing Speeches That Want To Get Out.

Hello and welcome, I'm devin Bisanz and in 2010 I joined a speaking community called Toastmasters International.

Toastmasters didn't think I was good at speaking so I reached out for mentoring from professional speakers. 

My speaking game skyrocketed as I shared SIMPLE speaking exercises that professionals showed me. 

In 2013 people started asking, "Hey, can you come train this group of people? Can you come train that group of people? Can you help my friend, Donna? Can you help me?"

I said, yes (obviously) and my clients won many speaking competitions, they became professional speakers, moved up the management food chain, and even started their own companies.

In 2019 I earned Distinguished Toastmaster and started my coaching company. In 2022 I joined the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, and I'm still grinding but something good is just about to happen.

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My Services

I train corporate speakers, specialty speakers, management, professionals, competitive speakers (how I started), TedX, and kids from around the world (online). 

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Team Training

I can't tell how how much joy I get when a group grabs one of my packages. Watching the group transformation is surreal. Lee-Ann from the MCAP team above said this, "Wow! Devin exceeded my expectations. We are all left feeling more confident and energized! He has a special gift and I’m so glad he’s sharing it with the world!"

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Online Speaking Course

Private Coaching

Professionals and entrepreneurs, do you know how much money you're losing by brain farts, freezing, and all that other crap? Be like Michelle (above) who went from I could never do it... to speaking full time and happier than my toddler with an ice cream cone. 

This program is gold!
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Keynotes & Conferences

The reason I do what I do is to get on big stages. One of my mentors once said, "Landing big speaking gigs is easy. All you have to do is be the absolute best at something else, and you'll get booked all the time."  

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Say The Same Thing With Your Body as Your Words

  • Forget About A Fear Of Speaking

  • The easiest way to fix a fear of speaking is to understand structure, body language, and all the tips and tricks professionals use to engage audiences.  

  • Disintegrate Imposture Syndrome

  • I've been hearing this term more and more. Listen, I know for a fact the syndrome goes away when speaking from your authentic voice.

  • Management and Leadership

  • Become a leader who truly connects and leads. All speakers develop EQ. At first it's about you, but then it becomes about them (the audience/team/family).

  • Look Forward to Presentations

  • I had a client named Judy, and she hated presentations. We worked together for just 4 hours and she was looking for more presentations at work, and finding them. 

  • Start & Grow Your Business

  • Business owners often tell me, "I don't like talking to strangers, can you help me out?" YES; of course, I spend my life talking to strangers. 

  • Learn the Paralingistics

  • The reason why most speakers feel frustrated is because they spend 1,000 hours writing a speech and it flops because they stink at the delivery. Well, I focus on writing and delivery; facial gestures, vocal variety, body language, ticks or tells, and the overall energy you put into your talk. 

I Want to Give You a Gift Or 3

Speaking exercises public speaking vancouver

10 Public Speaking Exercises

You can start to become a confident speaker in just a few seconds!!!

How o overcome speaking anxiety Canada

The Cover Says It All

I'm going to give you 3 exercises that take a bit of EFFORT, but they work.

How To become a professioal speaker

Want To Know What It Takes To Go Pro?

Although I learned the hard way, I'll show you the easy way!

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Great Speakers Are Great Writers

Or mediocre writers but either way I want to get better at documenting my journey.

Joe Roberts Interview

4-Lessons I Learned Form Joe Roberts.

The Skid Row to CEO took time out of his day to hype me up about public speaking. I hope his words encourage you as well.

Public speaking blog vancouver

How To Find Role Models When You Need Them.

I learned a funny trick from mindset goalie coach Peter Fry. 

1. put your face on your role models picture

2. read the blog for more...

public speaking blog canadian speakers

Describe Yourself in Three Words.

I know it's mind blowing, but people actually Google "how to describe themselves in three words."

Apparently people need someone else to tell them about themselves?

I'm Grateful For Wonderful Clients

Especially when they say this....

Public speaking course near me

"Just what I was looking for"

"This month, I took all the preparation and knowledge from Devin on stage! Presentation went amazing and I can’t wait for the next. I would highly recommend Devin to anyone."

Andrei Matei- Robbox Tools

Yulu Pr reviews presentations

"I see results..."

Working with Devin was the best! I have never been a confident speaker and with his support and guidance, after each session, I felt more and more confident and happy to be speaking in front of a room of people. He has a lot of knowledge and tips, but he also knows how to make a room of nervous people feel completely comfortable, which is definitely not a skill you can teach someone.He is such a pleasure to work with and I would recommend his training to everyone. I learnt so much from him and his course."

Janey from Yulu PR.

Tedx Speaker Trainer, Vancouver

"This is so useful!"

Devin is an energetic, inspirational speaking coach who has great skills in developing stage presence and dramatic timing. He is encouraging, interactive, and gives useful feedback to speakers. When working with Devin, we felt that he really cared about the growth of each of the speakers."

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If You're Ready To Educate, Inspire, Entertain...

Speaker training courses near me

Incredible course filled with tips, tricks, and knowledge on how to be a better speaker. At first i was skeptical because public speaking was a foreign idea to me, but I tried it out and it's turned out great for me. Anybody, skilled speakers or even those who detest speaking in front of people, will end up enjoying this course. You will turn into not only a better speaker, but a better person. Thank you Devin for such a wonderful experience.

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