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Vancouver public speaking classes

Tune In & Turn On Your Unique Stage Presence.

Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Professionals

how can I become a better speaker

Create Your Unique Stage Presence

This moves you from ‘I’ve never had formal speaker training’ to ‘I’m ready to command that stage!’ It’s about clarity of your speaking topic(s) plus establishing skills to deliver with presence

·      4 x 45-minute pre-scheduled calls with action items in between calls.

·      Assessment to determine your unique presence to develop, convey in your messaging.

·      Practices to develop and elevate your unique presence and kick your inner critic to the curb!

·      Formula for stage presence- pace, energy, leadership practices.

·      Formula to structure any talk; clarity for your topic.

·      Five (5) ways to engage audiences in any speaking format (live or online).

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Online Speaking Course

From Speaker Fear To Confidence

Upon completion, we will have co-created your live presentation so you can delivery with confidence and fun, utilizing this proven system.

Review and feedback of three recordings you have practiced, plus self-evaluation techniques. 

Detailed assessment to determine your unique presence and how to convey it in your message.

Evaluation of your current speaking skills to pinpoint strengths and areas for improvement.

Establish your personalized speaking style and specialization, stand out, identify top audiences.

Formula: Four speech templates, script prompts, slideshows, and practices for brilliant speaking.  

This program is gold!

About Devin

As the President of Bisanz Advanced Speaker Training, Devin has trained TedX speakers, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, and students.

Devin's clients have one thing in common; they have the "it" factor on stage.

It all started when Devin joined Toastmasters International in 2010 to talk about his journey through traumatic brain injury.

Devin thought he was a great presenter but Toastmasters disagreed so Devin reached out to professional speakers for mentoring.

Professional speakers taught Devin simple speaking tricks that Devin still shares today. Those tricks combined with extensive speaker training, endless books and conferences gave Devin a deep well of knowledge.

In 2019 Devin earned the Distinguished Toastmaster Award and started Bisanz Advanced Speaker Training.

In 2021 Devin moved to virtual training and started working with students and companies in 5 countries.

In 2022 Devin joined The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

In Devin's words, "It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it, that matters."

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Devin has over 75, 5-star reviews on multiple online platforms

"Devin is an energetic, inspirational speaking coach who has great skills in developing stage presence and dramatic timing.

He is encouraging, interactive, and gives useful feedback to speakers.

When working with Devin, we felt that he really cared about the growth of each of the speakers."

"I met Devin in 2012 and I got immediately impressed by his stage stance and charisma.

For 10 years, I was the CEO of a Language School for Academic Purposes in North Burnaby, so at some point, I wanted to offer our students the chance to grow exponentially. This is when I engaged Devin to facilitate public speaking workshops in our school.

Devin knows how to fully engage and motivate public speaking learners of all ages and talents.

Throughout his public speaking training sessions, Devin walks the talk: he is very talented, dynamic, versatile, effective, a great story teller, very sensitive of learners' needs and insecurities, and last but not least, lots of FUN!"

Devin Bisanz Testimonial

The first things I got out of Bisanz Advanced Speaker Training is that, unfortunately, I had it backwards.

Like many of us, throughout my education and career I was put in a position which involved public speaking. I went for it, knowing that I had to do it in order to reach the next level. However, it meant going through ongoing growing pain. I never knew exactly how to tackle the next big (to me) public address. Anxiety, difficulty structuring my speech, how-to include humor, along with so many other unanswered feelings and questions I had while preparing for my speech.

When I wrote I had it backwards, I meant I wish I had spent those sessions with Devin at the start of my educational path. All of my fears, anxieties, questions, doubts, were addressed over the course of his program.

You can't change the past, but it is never too late to learn and grow.

Stop doubting, start acting. Reach out to Devin, like me, you shouldn't regret it.

Are You...

Sick of brain farts and frustration?

Looking for professional speaker training?

Ready to command the stage?

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