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Unleash Your Unique Stage Presence: Overcome Fear or Elevate Your Skills to Greatness!

Master the Art of Confident Public Speaking with Our Tailored Programs

Welcome to a transformative journey that caters to both ends of the spectrum. Whether you're battling a fear of public speaking or aiming to transition from good to great, our programs guarantee to fast-track your journey to unveiling your unique stage presence.

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Meet Devin: Your Guide to Speaking Mastery

Founder of Bisanz Advanced Speaker Training

I've empowered 1,700 individuals and counting to transition from good to great in their speaking journeys, unlocking their full potential on stage

  • Unleash Your Authentic Voice:

    Master authentic storytelling for genuine audience connections.

  • Own Every Stage:

    Elevate your presence with dynamic body language and confidence.

  • Become a Persuasive Powerhouse:

    Learn to influence minds and leave a lasting impact with your words.

My goal is simple: to collaborate with you within our proven system, helping you shine as a speaker, connect authentically with your audience, and achieve speaking success beyond your expectations.

Check Out These Results From Clients

Success Stories

  • Jayney Davidson:

    Achieved a significant increase in confidence levels after each session.

    Successfully spoke in front of a room of people with newfound happiness.

    Demonstrated improved public speaking skills through practical application.  

    "Working with Devin was transformative! As someone who was never confident in public speaking, each session with him brought a surge of confidence. Devin's ability to create a comfortable environment is unmatched. His knowledge and tips, combined with his supportive approach, make his training a must for everyone."  

    Jayney Davidson

    Grant Yu:

    Overcame skepticism about public speaking, leading to a positive and transformative experience.

    Became a better speaker and an improved individual through the course.


    Successfully practiced speaking in front of small groups, regardless of initial apprehension.

    "Devin's course is nothing short of incredible. Packed with valuable tips and practical knowledge, it's a journey that caters to all speaking levels. Initially skeptical about public speaking, I took the leap and it turned out to be a fantastic experience. Whether you love or detest speaking, this course will not only make you a better speaker but a better person. Thank you, Devin, for such a wonderful experience." 

    Grant Yu


    Michelle Daniel:

    Experienced a positive change in mindset and motivation after sessions.

    Gained practical techniques to enhance speaking skills.

    Left sessions with a sense of optimism and a clear roadmap for achievable goals.


    "Devin possesses a unique talent to challenge, motivate, and inspire change in the most uplifting way. His sessions leave me filled with optimism, motivation, and practical techniques to enhance my speaking. Look no further – Devin is your guy for a transformative speaking journey. Thanks, Devin!"

    Michelle Daniel

  • YES! I'm Ready For Rapid Growth

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