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10 Public Speaking Exercises

Here are 10 exercises you can do right now, to improve your speaking game

Speaker Secrets workbook

Every Speech has three parts: opening remarks, speech body, closing remarks. You can use the structures in this book almost any kind of speech. I've also included tips and tricks.

3 ways to overcome speaking anxiety

Warning: this isn't some fluffy book talking about practicing your speech over and over. It's a series of exercises that you can do to help you turn speaker anxiety into speaker excitment.

5 proven steps to becomming a profssional speaker

5-Proven Steps To Going Pro

Let me lead with this, my journey to professional speaking was long and hard. There are no shortcuts!


5 Joke Templates

I personally think that being funny is part of the speaking game. 

The ultimate metaphor list

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Describe Yourself in 3 Words

This was a good challenge to boost confidence, reconnect with old friends, and it felt incredible to hear some of the responses. Give it a go! 

Joe Roberts Interview

Coming soon

Devin Bisanz Challenges

The 1-Hour Challenges

I had a great idea for a series of one hour challenges for speech writing, and mostly speech related challenges.


Live Events

Now this is something that gets me really jacked up. My event's are going to be like no other event on the planet because EVERYBODY has the opportunity to get on stage.