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Devin Bisanz Speaking and Training Vancouver BC
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From Silent Signals to Spellbinding Stories

  • Mastering Non-Verbal Cues

  • Rhythmic Speech

  • Power Language

  • Irresistible Joke Setups

  • Dramatic Pauses

  • Mindset Motivation

  • Magnetic Hook Phrases

  • Strategic Structure

  • Persuasive Language

  • Your Words Matter

    How you say them matters even more!

    Devin Bisanz Body Language Speaker

    Presented By: Devin Bisanz

    In 2002 Devin's street bike was rear-ended by a speeding pickup truck, his helmet broke off his head, and he had an outer body experience. He sustained a traumatic head injury; for the following 7 years, Devin went to expensive doctors, and dove into Class A Narcotics, and denial. 

    The way out was writing. Devin wrote his story and wrote the future (of being a professional speaker) as well. In 2010 he started speaking and it took nine years to turn speaking into profit. During that time Devin honed his skills by researching, interviewing, reading, and training speakers for up to 8 hours a day. That was 8 hours of perfect practicing the same speaking exercises he shares today! 

    Devin takes pride in the thousands of hours he's watched all caliber of speakers with the sound off, learning every aspect of body language. 


  • 2,000+ Training Sessions 

  • 10+ Years Experience

  • 1,687,567 + jokes told

  • 15 International speaking competition podium finishes (clients)

  • 13 TEDx luminaries (clients)

  • 3 goals: wealth, health, happiness

  • Devin's Specialization

    Executive speaker training British Columbia

    Stage Presence Training

    Whether it's a CEO looking to improve their speaking game, a TEDx speaker who wants to nail it, or a professional who never experienced formal speaker training. Devin's clients want results!

    Devin Bisanz public speaking coach and trainer on stage

    Keynote Speaking

    In elementary school Devin billeted at a homestay when playing indoor soccer at the BC winter games for kids. The father of the host family was impressed with Devin's storytelling skills and said, "You have a story for everything!" 30 years later and Devin has an interactive exercise to go along with every story! 

    Public speaking training courses canada


    This is the gold when it comes to leadership development. Every session is different, and every session is equally amazing.

    A Quick Glimpse Into Devin's Day 2 Day

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    Recognition and Awards


    Devin has been a member and event coordinator for the BC Chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. Hall of Fame speaker Michelle Cederberg (pictured) is one of Devin's high achieving mentors and colleagues.

    Canadian Association of Professional Speakers
    Distinguished Toastmaster and Devin Bisanz


    Devin competed in 30 international speaking competitions, was the past president of his chapter club, and has a stack of certificates.

    Devin earned the Distinguished Toastmaster award in 2019 and left Toastmasters to focus on his professional speaking career.

    Society of NLP

    Not only has Devin been trained by the best speakers including Brian Tracy, and the Dale Carnegie course. Devin has also trained with co-founder of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler. Devin has been a member of the Society of NLP since 2012 and has multiple certifications in social intelligence and persuasion engineering.

    Dr Richard Bandler and persuasion engineering
    Speaker Trainer for TEDx


    "Devin is an energetic, inspirational speaking coach who has great skills in developing stage presence and dramatic timing. He is encouraging, interactive, and gives useful feedback to speakers. When working with Devin, we felt that he really cared about the growth of each of the speakers." Thats a review from one of the TEDx event organizers Devin worked with. 

    Latest Blog Posts

    Learn more about Devin Through his videos and writing updates.

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    Tammy Pescatelli's Audience Interaction: Is it Intentional or Accidental?

    The other day I was watching comedy shows at 2 am and Tammy was cracking me up. When those segments hit I was reminded (as I always am when I hear this) of the first comedian's DVD I bought after the show.

    Podcast Guesting

    2024 is a year of new adventures that include podcast guesting. Devin talks about speaking, body language, the business of speaking, joke telling. Devin also interviews high achievers and those podcasts will be released on his social media channel soon! 


    Devin's talk is designed to pump up your audiences confidence like a blimp!


    Browse Devin's training page and get ready for a boost in company culture, employee moral, and sales. Everything is better when communication is optimized!


    Yes, that's right, not only do your guests get to learn the value of speaking. They learn while having belly laughs, and they learn how to make others laugh on purpose!

    Motivational speaking and leadership training

    Let's Get The Ball Rolling!

    The best way to get started is a quick 15-minute discovery call. From there we can get you everything you need in the format you need it in.  I can't wait to meet you and join you on this journey.

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