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Imagine what speaking with confidence will look like, what's preventing you from living it?


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The Agenda
Week 1: What is public speaking, and why should you be here?
Objective: understand the fundamentals of speaking, and goal setting.
  • Power Pose
  • S.E.E factor
  • W.I.M.P.S formula for impromptu speaking
Week 2: How to write an Icebreaker Speech using the 3-Point Speech Writing Formula
Objective: write an amazing speech on any subject (even the icebreaker).
  • The mind map
  • The 3-Point speech structure you can use to rock any speech
Week 3: Giving effective feedback
Objective: identify effective speaking strategies through others.
  • The Sandwich Technique
  • The 3,2,1 Formula
  • Feel, Felt, Found
  • All speeches are evaluated
Week 4: How to add humour/wit on purpose
Objective: make the audience laugh on purpose.
  • The rule of 3
  • If… Then…
  • When I say… What I really mean is…
  • plus more
Week 5: Inspirational storytelling
Objective: Inspire audiences
  • Don't think about this.
  • I. You. We.
Week 6: Blow em away using VAKS
Objective: talk to the senses.
  • Improv
Week 7: Present like a pro
Objective: master the techniques that win over audiences.
  • The power of pause
  • Putting the past behind, and the future ahead
  • Purposeful speaking
Week 8: Audience interaction
Objective: how to pace, and lead audiences using expert techniques
  • Whose line is it anyway?
Week 9: Editing
Objective: put the right stories into the right speeches.
  • We'll be hearing speeches
Week 10: Sharing the facts
Objective: understanding the 3,5,7 rule.
  • The 1980's Daniel Wegners White Bear Experiment
Week 11: The acceptance speech
Objective: students learn how to thank others with style.
  • The acceptance speech
Week 12: Demonstration meeting
Objective: invite guests and inspire them like crazy

This 12 week Program

Devin Bisanz


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Learn. Dream. Dominate.

Public Speaking

Decisions, decisions

Get  yourself or Your group ready

**disclaimer: every group is unique, and the program varies slightly to reflect the needs of each individual group

Group size: 10 participants MAX

Duration: 1.5 hour session once per week for 12 weeks

Objective: overcome any fear of public speaking. Develop better relationships, hone in leadership skills, and get inspired!!!!!!!


In 2010, I (Devin Bisanz) joined Toastmasters International and fell in love with public speaking. BUT, nobody laughed at my jokes. Why?!?

I took my video camera to interview motivational speakers like 'Skid Row to CEO' Joe Roberts & friends. I read public speaking related books and got certified in Persuasion Engineering by Richard Bandler (co-founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming). I became an NLP Master Practitioner, Social and Emotional Development Coach. I competed 20 times in International Speech Competitions, delivered 999 speeches, and that's when people started laughing at my jokes.

In 2013, my mentor, Brad Marko coerced me to help train city hall staff, and then air-cadets. We produced a national competition winner and it turned out that I liked training. I went on to train city hall staff, RCMP, CNIB Ambassadors, Toastmasters, and my speaking course is currently running at 4 schools! Yippee

In 2018 I earned the Distinguished Toastmaster Award for my outstanding performance in leadership. Winning that award solidified my choice to develop this program.


Going to cost?

Remember, the benefits outweigh the costs. Supreme confidence building, maximum energy mastering, and incredible inspiration gathering.


But you have questions


Like, is there a money back guarantee?

Once the program starts... no.

However, if we can't work together then I want to give your money back. I want you to be happy either way.


Who supplies the venue?

If you don't have a venue then we can find a venue in any neighbourhood.  That might affect the price depending on your neighbourhood.



I'd also like to add that the price has continually gone up. Soon there will be a long waiting list. If you're not ready to take action NOW... for whatever reason... scroll down to the questions and comments. Ask anything, this is fastest, and easiest way to get ahold of me.

If you are ready to take action NOW then congratulations. You've made an excellent decision. I'm excited to work with you and your organization!


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Devin's training was "Off the hook!"


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