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I'm Devin Bisanz, and I Train Public Speakers

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“Devin is an energetic, inspirational speaking coach who has great skills in developing stage presence and dramatic timing. He is encouraging, interactive, and gives useful feedback to speakers. When working with Devin, we felt that he really cared about the growth of each of the speakers.”

— TedX Gleneagle committee

What People Say About My Coaching

“I really enjoyed this course and thank Devin for everything he taught me. Also, I can use the public speaking tips in my sales pitch.”

— Dustin Sidhu, Cowell Auto Group

“Devin is a great public speaking coach. He always brings 100% to every class no matter what.”

— Brent Lu, Student

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My Clients Include:

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My Services

12 Week Speaking Program

This program is my golden egg. I take speakers with zero public speaking  experience and loads of fear, and I turn them into superstars.

I also take speakers with loads of experience and zero fear of speaking, and make them better, stronger, and more awesome than a paid professional.

The reason for my programs success is the training structure combined with feedback. New speakers get encouragement and step-by-step building skills. Experienced speakers get in-depth critiques, and tips that take their stage presence to the next level.

All level of speakers can train together. When new speakers see experienced speakers evaluations, new speakers learn rapidly. I've had new speakers tell me they could never have imagined they would like public speaking, especially when learning with their managers.

1 on 1 Training

Over the last couple years I've really started enjoying training speakers 1 on 1.  You get 100% of my attention and I know what I'm doing. I learned public speaking without an audience. I got my start by drawing eyes on paper and posting them around my living room. I gave my fake audience everything I had, and not once did they laugh at my jokes!

The benefit of perfect practice was the feedback I got when I started speaking at Toastmasters International. Toastmasters told me that I would be the next Tony Robins and who knows... I'd rather be the next Dale Carnegie, but hey, either celebrity is fine by me.

1 on 1 speakers either train for specific events or learn the 12 week program in depth, and their lessons get tailored to who they are as a speaker. I have hundreds of lessons! The bottom line is that 1 on 1 speaker training turns speakers into masters of influence.

Leadership & Team Building

Corporate clients often ask me how they benefit from my program. I mean, their speakers aren't looking to join the Canadian Association of Public Speakers.

I tell them about my experience at Cowell Auto Group when speakers in my training program got to know other people in the company. Employees who previously never talked started communicating with other employees in their speaking group, asking them what they were going to talk about next!

I was told that the team environment between managers and staff improved at Cowell, and some of the sales staff told me that they used my public speaking skills in their sales.

I could go on-and-on about how workplace morale improves. I have similar stories from my trainings at the Canadian Institute for The Blind, City Hall, RCMP, and even high school students.

What blows my mind is how many high level achievers tell me they FEAR public speaking.


Competitive Speaker Training

I'm extremely proud of my competitive speaking program. It all started in 2013 when I trained a group of Air Cadet's with my mentor Brad Marko. Our speaker won 1st place in the national speaking competition. I enjoyed training so much I continued and produced two more podium finishes the next year.

Now, I have a resume of winners including TedX speakers, and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes at International Speech Contests.

Perhaps my proudest moment was when I had a student out on the sidewalk reciting his international speech to me. That kid didn't want to do it, but he was a green speaker and I needed him to get comfortable speaking in any situation. I said to him, "Stop caring about the pedestrians, look at me and let's do this!"

That green speaker went on to win 1st place in his age category!

Speaker Resources

Since becoming a professional speaker trainer I keep track of all my resources and post them around the internet. You can find plenty of resources on my blog, or in  the books I've published. Also, over the next 50 years I'll be publishing more books and more resources so get your name on my newsletter and stay up-to-date with the fastest growing industry in the world!


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I train online, one-on-one, small groups, and large groups. I can help you prepare a wedding speech, lift a funeral party, motivate your sales staff, land an interview, nail a Ted Talk, join an international speech competition. I help clients overcome a fear of public speaking, and I help corporations create better team environments.  

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About Devin Bisanz

Head Trainer @ BA Speaker Training

In 2010, I (Devin Bisanz) joined Toastmasters International and fell in love with public speaking. BUT, nobody laughed at my jokes. Why?!?

I took my video camera to interview motivational speakers like 'Skid Row to CEO' Joe Roberts & friends. Joe Roberts told me that Toastmasters is like the booster rocket on a space ship. It's good to get you going but if you want to get to the big leagues then you have to let it go!  

It wasn't enough information so I read books on public speaking and joke writing. That helped, I became an NLP Master Practitioner plus Social and Emotional Development Coach. Hmmmmm, looking up. I competed in International Speech Competitions, delivered 999 speeches, and blam. I had a speaking resume four feet long.

My mentor, Brad Marko, then coerced me into his speech craft where we trained city hall staff, and then air-cadets. We produced a national speech competition winner and it turned out that I liked training. I went on to train more city hall staff, RCMP, CNIB Ambassadors, Toastmasters, TedX speakers, Corporate Managers, and many students from the best private schools in Vancouver!

In 2018 I earned the Distinguished Toastmaster Award for my outstanding performance in leadership. Winning that award solidified my choice to develop this best in it's class, public speaking program.

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My Books

This book is only 39 pages and you should be able to read it in one to two hours.

The reason it is so short is because I like to read non-fiction books without all the extra words. In fact, I'll be continuing this series with a number of short, impactful non-fiction books that are jam packed with only the most important information.

In this get to the point book - I’ve compiled over 40 verbal, and non-verbal tips and tricks that door-to-door salesmen, hypnotists, and public speakers use to influence others.

These tricks are so easy that you will be in control of your next conversation before saying the first word.

Many of these tricks are so secretive the pros won’t admit they don’t know them!

I know for a fact that whether you take my course or not, you can use any speech structure in this book over and over, and you'll always sound like a pro.

You can use these templates for wedding speeches, funeral speeches, sales meetings, family events, school speeches, competition speeches, and you can even use these templates to communicate better with your friends.

Follow the pro tips in this workbook and people will go out of their way to congratulate you after you elevate their life. Every template includes tips and tricks that will ensure you rock the stage!Speech Templates Inside:

1. The 3-Point Speech          

2. The Inspirational Speaker

3. The Entertaining Storyteller

4. The Top 10 List

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"Great experience"

"If you haven't taken this program, you should"

"Funny, entertaining, motivational, inspiring, engaging"

"Good instructor who always led by example"

"Devin is awesome"

"Loads of fun and laughs"

It was fun and amazing. I looked forward to hearing everyone's story"

"I gained confidence"


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