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Devin Bisanz Speaking
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AMPLIFY Your Events: Partner with a Speaker Who Inspires AWE

Devin Bisanz | Keynote Speaker | Training Workshops

There Is No Reload!

 You've been planning your event meticulously, you want a speaker that upholds your reputation.

Devin understands the role he plays in events, committed to exceeding expectations each time.

Devin empathizes with the immense effort you invest in your events. Beyond delivering a powerful message, Devin is adaptable and collaborative. He recognizes his role as your support, ensuring your audience has an exceptional experience.

Devin has a win-win-win mindset; you can rely on him to assist in every aspect. He remains dedicated before, during, and after the event, prioritizing both you and your audience.

Devin's extensive knowledge of stage presence and humour ensures each presentation is unique. As a lifelong learner and hypnotist, he brings fresh insights to the stage at every opportunity.

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Devin Bisanz COmmunication Keynote Speaker
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Communication Never Goes Out of Style!

With over a decade of experience speaking to Sales Managers, C-Suite executives, students, and entrepreneurs, Devin prides himself on the thousands of hours he’s watched speakers with the sound off, learning every detail of non-verbal communication.

In 2019 Devin earned the Distinguished Toastmaster Award and started Bisanz Advanced Speaker Training.

In 2022, he joined The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

If you're looking for a speaker who passionately helps professionals look forward to their next presentation, then look no further. Devin will prove that it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it, that matters.

Reactions to Devin's Presentations

Devin joined the German Canadian Business Association (GCBA) on Zoom sharing, entertaining and engaging business owners in such a way that I didn't want to see the session end. He effortlessly blends expertise with a charismatic and approachable demeanor, creating an environment that fosters both learning and enjoyment.

Devin's passion for effective communication is palpable, and his commitment to the growth of each participant is evident in every session. Whether you are a seasoned professional looking to refine your speaking abilities or someone just starting their journey in public communication, Devin's guidance is tailored to meet your specific needs. Thank you, Devin!

Devin Bisanz Speaking Testimonial

Elke Porter


Devin is a phenomenal speaker and you can learn from the best by training with him.

Public Speaking Testimonial

Pete Fry

Goalie Mindset Guy

I have known Devin for over 10 years and have observed him develop into an accomplished public speaker and trainer. He is dynamic, engaging, and funny. He is also remarkably candid and honest. I highly recommend his speaker training.

Public Speaking Testimonial Vancouver BC

Jim McKay

Candoo Systems

Services for Your EVENT!

Devin Bisanz Keynote zSpeaking Trainer and Headliner

Keynote Speaker:

Are you looking for a Keynote Speaker who inspires audiences with a lifelong skillset?

Every audience learns valuable information about the way we express ourselves, and each audience has a unique amazing experience. All audiences leave feeling fired up. This a great opening keynote for your next event! Did we mention it's funny?

Devin Bisanz speaker training workshops


Albert Einstein said, "If you can't explain something simply then you don't understand i well enough."

Well, Devin simplifies communication into exercises anybody can do to improve their speaking presence. Give Devin 4-hours or an entire day and even the most experienced speaker will walk away with valuable new skills. New speakers will never have stage fright or imposture syndrome again.

Master of Ceremonies

Do you need a professional to run your event and keep it on time? Devin is an expert at emceeing. He works with you from the start of the project and helps you plan the agenda. You can relax knowing Devin has facilitated over 700 events from workshops to intensive 3-day programs with a minute-by-minute agenda. Oh, and Devin always makes sure the audience has a blast.

Devin is Trusted by Local and International Organizations to Cultivate Energy and Overcome Humans Greatest Fear. 

Companies Who Let Devin Speak For Them

Speaking Topics & Titles

Your's will be customized!

    Devin Bissanz Keynote Speaker

    Speakology: The Nuances Of Effective Communication.

    Time: 45-90 Minutes (Keynote)


    1. How to use non-verbal communication to sell ideas.

    2. Hypnotic storytelling techniques you can use anywhere.

    3. 3 ways to be hilarious on purpose.

    In this interactive talk, Devin shares the little known nuances highly effective communicators use, but anybody can learn!

    Devin Bisanz on stage talking about public peaking

    One Half Invincible: Traumatic Head Injury To Professional Speaker.

    Time: 45-90 Minutes (Keynote)


    1. How to discover universal life force energy.

    2. The power of choice.

    3. Major audience participation and future motivation.

    What does a motorcycle, Vietnamese gangster, and hypnosis have in common? There is only one way to find out! 

    Devin Bisanz Workshops for speakers

    Voxology: Master The Art Of Communication

    Time: 2-12 Hours (Workshop)


    1. 3 speech structures for any speaking situation.

    2. Understand the fundamentals of body language.

    3. Hook phrases, joke templates, workbooks and resources.

    The workshop takes participants from 'I'm terrified to stand up and speak, to Get me on that stage!'

    Devin Bisanz (emceeing)

    Master of Ceremonies/ Moderator

    Time: The Length of Your Event


    1. A smile.

    2. Anchored points from speakers.

    3. A smoothly run event!

    Devin has emceed international conferences, local events, weddings and funerals. He has experience with minute-by-minute agendas for 3-day conferences, and he's been thrown into disorganized weddings. 

Extended Learning...

The event is done, now what? 

If desired, Devin can design a follow-up plan that reinforces the new skills and turn them into habits. This can be done:

  • Personalized recordings with action items

  • Fun add-ons 

  • Followup meetings

We will be happy to work out your custom made plan of action immediately following your event. 

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