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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you coach online or offline?

Mainly online, I train offline for workshops and corporate training, but I like to be online for students, private coaching, and I do online groups as well. Also, for my online clients I'll be putting together live events where we have the chance to speak at a venue to a live audience. You get the best of both worlds.

What is my time investment?

One hour a week, but if you want to create material, craft messages, build courses, write books, get gigs, and network... well, how serious are you about speaking and leading? 

For corporate I offer keynote speeches and workshop training. In this case the time investment is what permits on your agenda. I have from 1-10 hours of training on the ready.


What kind of speakers do you help?

I coachspeakers in the art of speaking. The art of speaking is all about presentation techniques, speech writing and structure, speech delivery, managing filler words, interacting with the audience, hook phrases, persuasive speaking, humour, and sales techniques. 

I also work a lot with corporate clients. I've trained sales teams and upper management in small groups and large groups. We build synergy, teamwork, and leadership skills.

What can I expect during training?

Simple, I show you the theory, but we practice it though speaking exercises so you can see transformation in real time. All groups have incredible energy shifts. 

Individuals experience transformation as well. It's like a new sense of purpose, you dreamed about being a leader, speaker, and money maker, but you've never thought it would be possible. 

What does a discovery session include?

We are going to dive into your goals, aspirations, and desires. We are going to find out your strengths and potential weaknesses. We are going to discover a designation for your speaking aspirations, and give you a roadmap of how to get there. 

If you are brand new to speaking and just want to explore how I can potentially help you overcome anxiety, or how speaking can help you move up the food chain in your industry then let's chat! 

 If you're looking for help on a specialty speech or keynote then we'll meet and greet. If you think I'll make a good coach then we can move forward with a plan.

Book a call, and if it's scary to do so then remember to do something that scares you everyday!

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