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Swift & Impactful Speaking Strategies



·   2-12 hours of group sessions online or offline with optional recording(s) for on-going integration of practices.

·   Verbal and non-verbal communication do’s and don’t to influence teams, clients, prospects.

·      Top stumbles and solution tips to read and engage even the toughest crowd.

·      Learn to influence teams and prospects with irresistible influence and inspire action.

·   Silence and utilize your inner critique and stage fright to present with emotional intelligence.

·      Hypnotic storytelling techniques and how to utilize visual aids.

·      Overcome writing blocks, ineffective non-verbal communication habits not serving your team well.

·      3 ways to notice, confront and manage objections, resistance, and conflict in the audience.

·      When, what and how to genuinely sell your ideas or services from the stage using value thinking.

·      Speech writing workbook, weekly newsletter, Ebooks, video tutorials, and future speaking opportunities are just a click away.

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This is For Companies That Want To:

  • Have managers confident and enjoying presenting.

  • Increase storytelling abilities.

  • See more audience engagement during presentations.

  • Lowered stress around preparing presentations.

  • Have consistent speaking that matches your brand.

The first things I got out of Bisanz Advanced Speaker Training is that, unfortunately, I had it backwards.

Like many of us, throughout my education and career I was put in a position which involved public speaking. I went for it, knowing that I had to do it in order to reach the next level. However, it meant going through ongoing growing pain. I never knew exactly how to tackle the next big (to me) public address. Anxiety, difficulty structuring my speech, how-to include humor, along with so many other unanswered feelings and questions I had while preparing for my speech.

When I wrote I had it backwards, I meant I wish I had spent those sessions with Devin at the start of my educational path. All of my fears, anxieties, questions, doubts, were addressed over the course of his program.

You can't change the past, but it is never too late to learn and grow.

Stop doubting, start acting. Reach out to Devin, like me, you shouldn't regret it.

Charles Mercier

General Manager


Years speaking experience


happy clients


Mission to be the best speaker coach on the planet

Cowell Auto Group

Where it Began...

Bisanz Advanced Speaker Training since 2019

Devin Bisanz- Founder

"Devin's had been training for almost a decade before breaking into the corporate world. Cowell Auto Group was his first corporate account; they contracted him to train one group of general managers and sales managers.

Devin put the speakers through an immersive speaking program. 

The Results: team moral improved, sales shot up, the leadership team was more energetic and motivational. 

The team improved so much that Cowell Auto Group brought Devin back to train 50 more of their top managers."

Sounds Good, How Do I Start?

Working with Devin was the best! I have never been a confident speaker and with his support and guidance, after each session, I felt more and more confident and happy to be speaking in front of a room of people.

He has a lot of knowledge and tips, but he also knows how to make a room of nervous people feel completely comfortable, which is definitely not a skill you can teach someone.

He is such a pleasure to work with and I would recommend his training to everyone.I learnt so much from him and his course.

Jayney Davidson

Senior Account Manager

A Glimpse Into Devin's Life.

Well, his working life...

public speaking and presentation courses


pblic speking course

(2013) The first group that Devin trained. 

corse for speking

Devin works with entrepreneurs online on a weekly basis

public speaking courses for beginners

Yulu Public Relations

public speaking training online

Devin has trained over 1,700 students from around the world online.

publci speaking for workplaces

MCAP Financial

public speaking leadership for corporations

Cowell Auto Group

Tedx speaker training


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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us for more...

Is this course online or offline?

Both, simple. Either option has its perks but offline training for teams is just a little bit more impactful if you must know the truth.

What makes this course different from other courses?

Theory is learned through exercise. Devin does an exercise and then everybody does the exercise. If the audience is big then volunteers are brought on stage to demonstrate the power of these simple exercises.  

What size of groups do you train?

For optimal training, 6-10 people/group is best. That way everybody gets plenty of speaking time and lessons don't drag. If the audience is bigger, exercises can easily be adapted, or volunteers brought in stage for demonstrations.  

What is Devin's training philosophy?

The audience speaks as much as Devin does. Devin perform's the exercise step-by-step, and then everybody does it. There's no such thing as not being able to do the exercise, EVERYBODY can do the exercises.

How long is the program?

4 x 45-minute group virtual calls/ recorded for on-going integration of practices.

1 x 30-minute 1:1 solution call for each member

How much will it cost?

Only two arms, two legs, and your first born child! JOKING, but you have to remember that Devin is a top level speaker coach. That said, he's on the come-up and your investment right now is only a fraction of what it'll be five years from now. If you would have met Devin three years ago you would have only paid a fraction of what you pay today. Devin is in it for the long game. 

I have known Devin for over 10 years and have observed him develop into an accomplished public speaker and trainer. He is dynamic, engaging, and funny. He is also remarkably candid and honest. I highly recommend his speaker training

Jim McKay testimonial for Bisanz Advanced Speaker Training

Jim McKay

Candoo Systems Inc.

5 Facts About Devin

  • Love's riding his motorcycle even though he has a traumatic head injury from a major motorcycle crash in 2002.

  • Attended personal development seminars by Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield and more, since he was 23 years old. At 23, Devin was the youngest person at the events (this was before the internet was a thing). 

  • Has thousands of hours of stage time. Devin does multiple presentations everyday online and off. 

  • Devin's most embarrassing moment was the time he put himself into a hypnotic trance in front of a live audience. When he opened his eyes the entire audience was looking at him and thinking, is this guy on class A narcotics? 

  • Devin became a full time speaker trainer in 2019 and joined The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers in 2022.

Can Never have Too Much Love...

Lee Ann Mcalister

Wow! Devin exceeded my expectations. We are all left feeling more confident and energized! He has a special gift and I’m so glad he’s sharing it with the world!

Lee-Ann McEllister

Director Of Sales

I met Devin in 2012 and I got immediately impressed by his stage stance and charisma. For 10 years, I was the CEO of a Language School for Academic Purposes in North Burnaby, so at some point, I wanted to offer our students the chance to grow exponentially. This is when I engaged Devin to facilitate public speaking workshops in our school. Devin knows how to fully engage and motivate public speaking learners of all ages and talents. Throughout his public speaking training sessions, Devin walks the talk: he is very talented, dynamic, versatile, effective, a great story teller, very sensitive of learners' needs and insecurities, and last but not least, lots of FUN!

Haydee Windey

Academic Language School

Devon is a great coach! I thoroughly enjoyed his course. Definitely learned alot and was able to apply his techniques into my sales career. Highly recommend him!

Lindsay Teng

Sales Professional