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I'm a Public Speaking Trainer.  

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Stage Fright Got The Best Of You?

Your Coach In A Nutshell

In 2010 I set out to learn public speaking to promote a book I wrote.

I interviewed professional speakers like Joe Roberts (Skid Row to CEO), and attended courses. 

My speaking skills improved rapidly and I helped Air Cadet Squadron 777 clean up the awards at their national speaking competition three years on a row. Through Toastmasters International I worked with many other groups like the RCMP and CNIB. I was awarded Distinguished Toastmasters in 2019.

My success as a trainer comes down to 3 things:

  • Structure (speech structure & poise)

  • I highlight your speaking strengths

  • I make the journey fun

  • Interesting fact: I still haven't published that book I set out to promote.

    I guess publishing book fright got the best of me.

    We all have things to work on. I don't specialize in writing best sellers. I specialize in speaker training and have two books on speaking if you'd like to read them. 

How Can I help?


You want to dominate your industry. I get it, I want to dominate my industry. Heck, I want to be the best speaker coach on the planet.

In order to achieve my goal I either want you to run the company you work for, or make a million dollars in speaker fees. 

Which one is it?

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Corporate Training


Yes, my favourite group to work with. I run workshops and courses that build confidence and structure. The group above MCAP Financial, will tell you that I exceeded expectations.

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One thing I'm known for is audience participation. 

I'm putting together a video but you can meet me now.

Book a 15 minute call if you're looking for someone to transform your group...

Blog Posts

See my latest posts about public speaking strategies and mindset along with amazing freebies.

Joe Roberts Interview

4-Lessons I Learned Form Joe Roberts

The Skid Row to CEO took time out of his day to hype me up about public speaking. I hope his words encourage you as well.

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Public speaking motivation blog

How To Find Role Models When You Need Them

I learned a funny trick from mindset goalie coach Peter Fry. 

1. put your face on your role models picture

2. read the blog for more...

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Describe yourself in three words

Describe Yourself in Three Words

I know it's mind blowing, but people actually Google "how to describe themselves in three words."

Apparently people need someone else to tell them about themselves?

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Client Testimonials

"Devin is an energetic, inspirational speaking coach who has great skills in developing stage presence and dramatic timing. He is encouraging, interactive, and gives useful feedback to speakers. When working with Devin, we felt that he really cared about the growth of each of the speakers."

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