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It's All About You

Let me be clear, my heart is in this business. I want to perform well and I want you to perform well. I know I can help speakers build massive confidence, I know I can motivate speakers to want more of everything, it's just a matter of what they want to achieve.


Youth Speakers

I work with teenagers and post secondary students. I keep class sizes small (up to 5 students) for maximum inclusion and learning.

Classes are action packed and interactive.

I've had great success with students online, and from around the world.

I like seeing students win speaking competitions.

Public Speaking


I work with 

entrepreneurs, coaches, and professionals looking to advance their career.

I have a mastermind for professional speaking (with those fine folks pictured above). 

I teach the ART of speaking through practice exercises and speaking challenges.

I help speakers get paid. 

I can help you fast track your speaking career, becoming a professional speaker and extraordinary leader!

Private Speech Coaching

You may have a specialty speech for a wedding or funeral, or you may just want to follow my step-by-step speaker system like the engineering student pictured above.

I'm working with an entrepreneur now who is raising money for his start-up. He recommends me. 

I'm working with a wonderful person in the technology sector, and she is going to be taking over the industry. 

Public speaking is the best personal development program on the market because you get to meet, face, and overcome so many fears. 


I've done corporate training with Cowell Auto Group, the RCMP, the CNIB, and I'm excited to work with a new client that is going to 10X my brand. 

There is one thing I can guarantee if you hire me (virtual or live). Your audience will be engaged. My goal is to train, inspire, educate, and humour.

If you want to boost sales and employee morale then I can do it in a 60-minutes. 

Better yet, give me 8 hours and I'll change their life.

Online Self Paced Courses

Save time, learn at your own pace, and go back to information a second, third, or even fourth time! 

This is the course I wish I had when I started speaking. Lessons are short, action packed, and laid out from beginner to expert. 

We are in BETA! Get on the list!

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online speaking course

Let's see if we should work together.

  • You like personal development

  • You want to understand public speaking

  • You want to overcome fear

  • You want to WOW the auudience

  • You want to get paid

  • You want to motivate a team

  • You want a coach with experience

  • You have a story to tell

Devi Bisanz Speaker Course

I'm Ready, Are You?

Anonymous Reviews

With❤️from clients

"Awesome trainer, very professional, and engaging."

"Devin has loads of energy and laughs."

"I gained confidence."

"Devin leads by example."

"It was fun and amazing. I looked forward to hearing everyone's story."

Anonymous reviews
Devin Bisanz Testimonials

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